The founder of Your Vitality Co. is Dr Dennis M. Kramer, N.D. He has been involved with natural healing and nutrition since the mid-1970's. As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor (Traditional Naturopath) in private practice since 1992, he utilizes bio-energetic computer evaluation, 'charged' homeopathy, and nutritional supplements as healing modalities.

Dr. Kramer has been a nationally known consultant to M.D.'s, chiropractors, and various alternative healers for many years. Also, he has been a product development consultant for over 12 years to a national nutritional company based in California. He is past president of the New Mexico Physicians of Naturopathic Medicine, past president of the New Mexico Coalition for Natural Health, and is presently its Vice President.

Having seen hundreds of products cross his desk, presented at seminars, and sold in stores, Dr. Kramer made a decision to focus his years of clinical experience and education to develop the best products available today.

Keeping in mind, safety and effectiveness as his highest priorities, Dr. Kramer has researched and developed superior everyday products for the overstressed American population, the special needs of the baby boomers, children, and the athletically active.

Dr. Kramer realized that he was in a somewhat unique position. As a single parent of two young children, and being athletically active all of his life, (not to mention having a full-time health care practice) he needed all the products he was developing!

As Dr. Kramer was using his initial production samples and sharing them with a few clients and friends, the results were better than he expected. Everyone greatly anticipated the arrival of more products.

The testimonials included: Enormously improved energy, clear-headed thinking, increased stamina, enhanced sex drive and performance, diminished depression, reduction in fine facial lines and wrinkles (hydration), dramatically improved athletic performance, and for most everyone, a strongly felt feeling of good well-being.

The product line is designed to work in harmony and enhance each others effectiveness, but they can also be used individually with excellent results.