I enjoy taking this "brain food" called Mind & Brain Formula by Your Vitality Co. I take it each morning and anytime that I feel "foggy" or mentally fatigued. Being over 50, I find I was somewhat spacey and forgetful, now the clarity and accuracy have returned. I have a strong feeling of well being with this product, confident that my mind is working. I am able to stay focused and not stress over things as I used to. I feel like my brain works better with it. I love having this nutritional product available to me!

Ever thankful, Cariell

I have found Dr. Kramer's Vitality Vitamin Formula® and the Mojo Energy Formula® to be energizing, stabilizing, and vitalizing! They really help to bring my mind into clarity and my body into a place of strength and balance. They work great and I trust these products to be of the highest quality. It is always a blessing to find products that really work, and I have! Thanks Dr. Kramer!

Susie, Santa Fe, NM

I have been playing rugby for two years and this year had to stop due to a work-related injury to both of my wrists. I could no longer play for my team and had to completely change my workout routine to compensate for the injury. I could no longer lift weights or put any pressure on my wrists, so I incorporated swimming into my routine. I started taking Complete Muscle Formula every day, before and after my workouts, which really helped me to maintain muscle growth and development. It was a real psychological boost to notice that although injured, I could still challenge myself and feel good after my workouts.

Thank you Dr. Kramer. - Leslie, Davis, CA

I've been using the Trio of Vitality Vitamin Formula®, Mojo Energy Formula® and MicroH20™ for over 2 years. These products wake me up and get me going in a clean, clear manner. After the first three days of starting my day with this trio, I walked away from a coffee habit of 4 cups of dark roast each morning. Now, I feel so much better, happier, and more balanced. This morning starter helps me to choose healthier foods throughout the day, since my body feels balanced and clean. I have less aches and pains, and a much more cheerful outlook in life. I have plenty of energy to take on any project or task. I cannot imagine starting my day any other way. I know I am healthier and happier than I've ever been, thanks to Your Vitality Co. and Dr. Dennis Kramer.

Sincerely yours,
Firehorse, Los Alamos, NM

I have been using the Mojo Energy Formula® and the Vitamin Vitality Formula for the past two years. I feel great! I notice that I have more energy and I feel like my body absorbs the vitamins so much better than taking a all-on-one pill. I highly recommend these products, and they taste good!

Rose, Albuquerque, NM

Complete Muscle Formula by Your Vitality Co is my way to start any kind of physical activity. I take 2 before walks, hikes, or any kind of work out. I have plenty of energy during my activity and then some! I am able to keep on going, noticing the stamina advantage. I also take them when I have extra duties like moving furniture, big cleaning jobs, any project that takes me above my normal levels, and have great physical response. This product definitely expands my physical capacities.

Caral, Madison, WI

My body loves the MicroH20™ by Your Vitality Co. I can tell by feel, that I have a cleaner body, less toxic. When I drink this "awakened water" I am able to maintain a steady flow of energy. Before this product I didn't want to drink whatever I was drinking, nothing satisfied me. Now, I can tell by taste and feel, that I want this, my body wants this, it's great! My skin is more subtle, more hydrated. I recently drove cross country, drinking MicroH20™ all the way. I was able to get in and out of the car without any strains or aches, not my previous experience. I love this water!

Sorum, White Rock, NM

I have been taking these products for about a year now. I have a high stressed job and often find myself burning the candle at both ends. Since I have been taking these vitamins, I have noticed an increase in my overall vitality and energy. It gives me that added boost. I feel that these vitamins are good for my health. They increase my vitality and are much better for me than coffee. I also have noticed an overall improvement in my general attitude since taking these vitamins.

Kathy, Santa Fe, NM

THANK YOU for the Mojo Energy Formula®. At 53 I have been looking for that "magic bullet" to give me some get-up-and-go. Lethargy, aches and pains have begun to set in at the ripe old age of 53. Now I think I've found something that has been most beneficial. For quite some time I have been feeling that all my energy has been zapped from me. Never mind that I keep a very busy schedule with children and their various activities. Almost instantly after my first "treatment" I felt a surge of energy. Then, after a few days, I gave Mojo the "tennis test". I've been told that I have a pretty good game. But, after the Mojo infusion, I found that I had a killer game! I had more energy, felt more confident and was breathing easier. And, whether or not this is additional benefit, but my muscles weren't as sore after the workout! Plus, I would usually take it easy after a morning of tennis and now I can continue to run a myriad of errands and be ready for the late afternoon and evening activities.Thank you for this invaluable product that has so many benefits and allows me to be victorious on the courts and beyond. (The question is, do I share this information with my tennis buddies??)

Stephanie, Santa Monica, CA

I want to thank you, Dr. Kramer for all of the wonderful products and support that you have given me over the past several years that I have had the pleasure of calling you my doctor.

I was a skeptic of Holistic Medicine and used to laugh at my friend when she would come to work with all of her remedies. She kept telling me about all the wonderful things that Dr. Kramer had done for her and her family and how often she was able to call and consult with him regarding anything that would come up.

One day during the fall of 2004, I picked up a stack of files off of my desk and felt a sharp twinge in my sternum. I had never had any kind of pain in my chest and was concerned, but it soon went away and I forgot about it. About one week later, my chest started hurting on each side of my sternum. It was an ache that never went away. When the pain got worse, I decided to go to the doctor to find out what was causing the pain. I had blood test and EKG's done but the doctor said that I was healthy as a horse. Several months went by and lots of frustration from leaving the doctors office and sitting in my car crying because my chest hurt so badly and no one could find anything wrong. My doctor was quick to give me anti-inflammatory drugs and Vicodin.

The pain was so intense that I could not raise my arms above my head. I could not hug anyone because of the tenderness and pain in my chest that radiated to my back and down my arms. I was able to drive my car back and forth to work, but I had to hold on to the steering wheel at the bottom because I could not raise my arms up enough to use the 10 & 2 position. I was so tired from not being able to sleep because I could not find a position that was comfortable. I actually went to the emergency room one night because I thought that maybe I was having a heart attack because the pain was so severe. After spending the night in the hospital and having all kinds of test it was determined that I probably had Costrocondritis. The doctors told me that it is the inflammation in the lining of the chest wall cavity. There is no known reason for it and it is one of those things that will go away on its own, maybe. And they gave me more Vicodin and anti-inflammation medication. I felt like a mess. This pain affected everything and everyone in my life.

Out of desperation, I contacted Dennis and made an appointment to send him a urine sample. Within 1 day, Dr. Kramer contacted me and gave me a list of things that was going on in my body and told me about the remedies he would send me. One thing that I found so odd was the fact that Dr. Kramer said I was severely dehydrated. About 3 days later I received a box of remedies and supplements as well as something to add to water to help with hydration.

I usually have a reaction to most medications as well as herbs so I was still skeptical. I thought that I would just start with the mixture to put in the water and see if I had any kind of reaction. I mixed a tbsp. of Dr. Kramer's remedy in to a gallon of water and drank a glass. There was no bad taste. It tasted like regular water. I waited for about 6 minutes and I could feel a cloud lift out of my brain and it went from the top of my head to my feet. I could not believe it!! I took the remedies and the intensity of pain in my chest subsided. I have never been so thankful. Dr. Kramer and I worked together for about 6 months and finally all the pain was gone and I can truthfully say that I feel like myself again.

It has been over two years and I have not experienced any more chest pains at all.

I recently had a kidney infection and Dr. Kramer was able to help me out once again. He is an amazing man and doctor. I am thankful that my friend referred me to him and never let me forget what Dr. Kramer had done for her and all of her family.

If you are a skeptic like me, but still do not have the answers or resolutions to your ailments; I challenge you to give Dr. Kramer a try. Trust me, you will not be a skeptic for long and you will be referring your friends and family as well.

Dr. Kramer, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, dedication and the cutting edge work that you have done. I will forever be grateful to you for pulling me through such a hard time. Your name and your work is the first thing to come out of my mouth when someone tells me of a condition that they are suffering with.

I love you Dr. Kramer!!
Kathy M, Huntington Beach, CA

Over the years I have consumed a lot of vitamins and nutritional formulas. The morning combo of Vitality Vitamin Formula®, Mojo Energy Formula® and Mind & Brain Formula has sustained me more efficiently throughout the day than any product line I have taken heretofore. The two powders are stirred into the MicroH20™ Micron Water solution, and all three nutritional products are taken simultaneously. I began the Immune System Formula a few weeks ago, and I am convinced that my immune system was protected during my recent out-of town visit, where the motel air-conditioning system appeared less than sanitary, and outside air quality was compromised because of smoke. I am blessed to be 67 years young, with no medication needs, and I am convinced these products contribute greatly to my excellent health. Furthermore, weekly grand mothering requires that extra edge also. I believe I am receiving the full content and benefit of these formulas because of the favorable results my body and mind are experiencing. Need I say more I am a big fan and gladly recommend them to you for your own health enhancement and sustained stamina!

Peggy, Dunwoody, GA