How it Works:

Your organization is assigned a code.
Customers enter your code at checkout.
At the end of each month we run a report on sales
made under your organization's code and send you
a donation check for 8% of your sales volume (not
including taxes and S&H if applicable).

How to sign up:

Click here to send us your contact information (name, address, phone, email, website, contact person) and proof of your non-profit status (please provide us with a copy of a currently valid IRS tax exemption certificate). We assign you a code and add it to our code webpage. We send you a starter package with promotional materials and brochures.

Promotions/ Optimal Benefits:

To make the most of this fundraising process, it is in the best interest of the registered organization to help generate customers.

Provide the YVC website address information along with the fundraising objectives to organization members, students and their parents, faculty and staff, etc. Use your website, email lists, newsletters, registrations, events, etc. This is vitally important to our success in fundraising.

Wholesale sales available, CONTACT US.

Please CONTACT US with any questions!